wt services

WaaToo provides for the Tourism industry a wide range of marketing services including:

We are present on your behalf at Fairs and Tourist Events in Italy, with a  multilingual staff,  offering information material management, creation of visitor databases and management of appointments. Professionalism with certain costs for a "turnkey" investment.

We facilitate your printing, mailing and distribution of travel literature, maps, brochures, guides or other materials related to your travel and tourism business.We offer many services bundled together to create an ideal tourism fulfillment package, including:
Customer Service. 
Our customer service team will start the ball rolling by taking orders for tourism literature over the phone or online.Our team will accurately enter the potential traveler’s information into the system for further processing. Our friendly operators can also remove people when they’ve been placed on mailing lists erroneously.
Letter Shop
We’ll carefully analyze your mailing list, removing duplicates and bad addresses. We’ll also meter your mail and bundle it according to Italy's Post Service regulations, saving on postage costs. Finally, we make sure that your mail gets to the post office so you don’t have to worry about slow material deliveries to your potential customers.
While your materials are waiting to ship out to curious tourists, we’ll store them neatly in our warehouse. So we can find them quickly, their bins will be labeled with a special code (we’ll store as many or as few types of literature as you need for your tourism package).
Pick, Pack and Ship
Our pick, pack and ship process goes on in the background whenever anyone orders your literature. Those special bin codes mentioned above make it easy for workers to retrieve your materials, which will be bagged or packaged according to your instructions. If a customer has requested more than one informational brochure, we’ll make sure the pieces are packaged together to save on postage.